Saturday, February 19, 2011

rainbow hair

so i'm sitting there.
completely lost in thought.
my head bowed down over my knees.
i have just a little stoop for a porch.
so i sit on one step, my knees come up to my
face from the next step...if i kinda crouch over.

so there i am crouched.
and i start watching my hair blow back and forth
in the wind...
and i look at the light dancing on my hair.

and then....
and then.....

i see these sparkly colors on my hair.
pinks. and greens and iridescent colors.
just sparkling.

i hold my hair and start looking at it.
it's as if i'm made of rainbows or something.

i smile

the stars.
the stars inside of me.
the light.
the light inside of me.

it's so here.
it's poppin' out my hair.

i feel the wind, the sun,
and the light.......

and i had to come in here and type it out.
before i go away for the day.......

a reminder....
to all of us....
of the light inside.
that's so darn bright it won't just stay inside.
it has to pop out where it can.

how cool is that?!


Merry ME said...

Very cool.
I'm glad you put it in words to share with us. Makes me want to go out and stand in the sun and see what happens to my whole head!

QnDani said...

oh how I love the image of you, St. Terri of the Clouds (and sky and stars) with your rainbow hair!!