Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so okay, i'll try harder...

she so totally made me laugh and fill with love with her all at once.

i had called to fill her in on something i felt i needed to tell her.
something that i feel really really stupid and embarrassed about.
she, of course, was great. and loved me thru it and understood with me.

i told her i knew i needed to offer myself compassion.

and then there was a pause on her end.
and she said 'yeah, well, we know that's not your pattern.'

her tone when she said it was like 'who you kiddin', ms. ter??'

and i just burst out laughing and told her how much i loved her.

i love my friends call me on my stuff.
and that was just too funny.

okay, so i think maybe i gotta show myself some compassion.

off to work on that......

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

Does your friend wear a crown?
A certain queen suggested I do something the other day and while I did part of it, I have not finished the assignment.

The thing is I felt so loved by her concern, only my little kid wanted to blow off the advice and do it on her own terms. That little kid, she's gonna get me in trouble someday!