Saturday, March 19, 2011

my josh

no kidding, josh is one of my favorite people ever.

he's so darn full of life...with a brain that just never quits.
and a heart that is beyond words.

he called one nite last week.
he caught me just after i had some kinda realization.
the whole thing had totally worn me out.
i sounded beat.
he noticed and asked why.
without even telling him what it was....just generally
telling him i had figured something out, just telling him
a little bit of what it was and i was just tired from
the process, he leapt in with such an enthusiastic 'oh!
that's great! it's the piece of the puzzle you've been looking for!'

i just kinda held my breath in.
i hadn't thought of it like that.
and he was right.

i so loved that.

yesterday as i was painting, i was listening to 'jesus
christ super star.'

i listen to it every spring.

josh walked in the house, heard it, lit up and said
'ohhhh! it's that time of year again!' and launched into
what a brilliant piece of music it was.

i just grinned at him.
he is a joy.

and that joy of mine is gonna be on the radio at the
university of richmond today!! around 1:00.
he's pullin in right around then, so i'm not sure of
the exact time he'll be on.....but around then.
he'll definitely be a treat.
if you've got the time........
tune on in!!!

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