Saturday, March 19, 2011

spring time music

so every spring i listen to the music from
'jesus christ super star.'

every spring.

and every spring it's talkin' to me in a different way.

but every single year since it's come out -
my gosh, i think that's true......i think i've listened
every single year since the 70's......oh my gosh.....
that's a long time......anyway.......
there's one song that hits like no other.

it's the one where jesus is in the garden wonderin'
what the heck he got himself into and wants out.
but as he prays, he comes to the realization that
'god holds all the cards.'

i love that.
and every year, that song hits me really deeply.

and not every year do i have the same thoughts on god.
that has so changed over the years....
but the song hits deep no matter where i am with that.

as i painted yesterday, i was relating to jesus.
laughing here......sorry.....that probably sounds
pretty bad.

obviously, not TOTALLY.......i was just relating to
the struggle. sayin' 'what the heck am i doin'? i've
tried for a long time and it feels like forever sometimes
and what the heck am i doin'??'

i'm hearin' the song and nodding to jesus' frustrations.
and grinnin' that i'm actually doin' that.

but when he gets to the turn around part.....where he
knows it's what he's got to do....

i get to thinking.....

he was talkin about gettin' killed.

i'm just talkin' about gettin' tired.

there's a pretty big difference there........

i kept painting and i kept thinking.

that album hits me like no other.

noah walked thru. i asked him if he ever paid much
attention to the music. (he's heard it every spring
his whole life just cause he lives with me)
told him the whole thing is psychology.
he's my psychology nut.
told him that when i listen to that music i just get
so caught up in the human psychology of the whole thing.

human psychology.....
it's some amazing stuff.

the song about discouragement...and then knowing....
and then doing.....

it's some inspiring stuff.....

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