Wednesday, March 30, 2011

our offerings

this morning i posted over on the forum.
let someone know i was thinking of her.
it's the anniversary of the day her son died.
i just wanted her to know i knew.

i started thinking about that forum.
and some of the posts i've read there.
and how it seems like it has the potential to be one
of the best things we've ever done.

i don't know if it will be or if it will really take off and
be a support place for people. but i see that it's already done
some good, and i'm amazed at that.

i didn't want it.
didn't think we needed it.
zakk pushed for it.
for a long time.
and then he created it.
and put it up.
he made it happen.

it's zakk's forum. he did it.

and i truly think it's so important.

noah's got his art on our site. one of the most profound pieces
of art we have was created by him. it's a print called broken open.
the picture shown here. i've seen that print touch a whole lotta people.

and even josh is involved in all this stuff. someone bought his poster
he made. as i was packing it up, i read it. and thought
of him writing it. he wrote it to support patty and her work in south
africa. all proceeds from the sale go to her. i'll clip the words at the
end here.

every single one of these guys has made an offering to the world just
right there in those things. did zakk have any idea what he was really
creating??? did he really understand the potential for the community
we could create?? did noah and josh really understand that their words
and art and giving mattered like they do?

i don't think so.

i don't think most of us understand that.

but i tell ya, this morning i was so reminded that the offerings
matter. and we need to keep making them. because those are the things
that change the world.

and our not offering them for the thousands of reasons we don't is
a mistake. a selfish mistake. the world needs them. i really believe that.
we need to keep offering.

Fly to me in the night
when I'm all alone

Hold me tight and comfort the
bleeding in my soul

Understand I feel like
I have been shattered

Can't line up the pieces for
Happy Ever After

A moment's all we've got
and for now that's all that matters

And these rough angels
bring me hope and laughter

Tough Angels
gather all around

Rough Angels
pick me off the ground

I break down and cry


Broken wings
still know how to fly

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