Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tacklin' it all today....

my small business counselor gets my newsletters.
there was a note on the bottom that this is the
time of the 'doldrums.'

he dropped me an email and said then it was time
to meet up.

i really do like this guy.

so, today, we meet up and talk about business.

he's a number kinda guy.
and i usually try to bring him numbers.
this time i was thinking really seriously of skipping it.

they pretty much suck, and i don't feel like looking
at them.

no terri.
the man needs numbers.
numbers are what make sense to him.
he's been with you thru thick and thin.
share the stinkin' numbers with him.

and so i grabbed some more yesterday to throw into the list.

and yeah, they so sucked.
we've heard this before.

bob called while i was doin' them. i told him and he
could hear my voice.
'don't get all depressed' he started.
'oh, no. this is beyond depressing.' i assured him.
'this makes my stomach sick.'

so i filled him in a bit.

and the numbers have been on my mind since.

this isn't a blog about finances.
this isn't a blog about rough business times.
it's a blog about suckin' it up and doin' what you gotta do.

cause that's what i gotta do.

and suckin' it up and doin' what you gotta do with gratitude.

this is just the best example for me to use.
cause it's all the things that knock you to your feet are.
it's scary for me....and it hits a lotta buttons.
i figure it's a great example.

as i was out talkin' to the moon this morning, i turned and
looked at my little house. i was in the back yard and the
lights were lit in the house.

i stood there in my swampy back yard feelin' so completely
grateful for this place. my little house of love.
i grinned.
i know what it must look like to other people...
but to me....it's just the best place in the world.

on the treadmill this morning i got movin' to the 'eat my dust'
music. and man i was soakin' that in so big time. i could feel
that feeling runnin' thru my veins.

i thought of all that i had been thru.
the whole journey, right from the very first moment where
i thought i'd be left with absolutely nothing and i said
'well, then, i'll have nothing. and i'll make it work.'

well, then.
you make it work.

or you don't.

it's really your deal, isn't it?

it might not be your deal what you got dealt with
but it is your deal what you do with it.

and thankfully, that's the mood i'm goin' into my meeting
with today. and that feels good.

that and a little gratitude.....
shoot,to even have a small business counselor care and
drop you a note. ya know? every piece of bone sighs is
awesome. well....except the numbers, that is. but there
lies the challenge....

and i'm up for the challenge.

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Anonymous said...

And I'm up for an order, I filled up my shopping cart the other day and then didn't have my credit card, so I'm counting on finding what I wanted!! And spreading the word!