Saturday, April 30, 2011

gutter cleaning?

okay i really really don't know what it is about me and the gutters....
but i so completely love cleaning them out.

and yep! i got to get up on that roof again and clean out the really
gunky mess last nite!

i had to sneak out and get up there as the guys would stop me.
they don't want me on the roof. man, sometimes it's like living with two fathers!
so i sneaked out and sat up there and looked over the yard.

ohhhh i just love this place.
and then i got to work.
and my gosh, they were really gunky.
they aren't usually gunky.
but ewwwwwwwww they so were.
i grabbed the sludgy leaf gunk and all the little helicopter things
and whatever all was in there and tossed that gunk to the ground, baby!

at one point i looked at my hands in the gutter.
covered in dirt with a smattering of paint from an earlier project,
i grinned. okay, so i'm not your manicured kinda gal.

after the gutters, i decided it was a good time for any other sludgy
yard work since i was already a mess......and i went to gather
the slimy icky leaves from the pond that were in a pile from the
other nite.

ohhhhhhhhh man! talk about slimy!!!!
i cringed a bit, and then thought......heck this is better than some
chemicals that you come in contact with. it's natural.
splat, some landed in my face.
okay. okay.
it's okay.
this is what separates the men from the boys, ter.
wait a minute.
i'm neither.

i grinned and kept goin'.
it all felt good in a really weird way.

josh pulled up while i was sitting on the driveway,
just hackin' thru a bunch of ivy.

not missing a beat, he lands next to me and says 'can you
imagine fighting in the the jungles of viet nam??'

i look at him.
then back at the ivy that's all around me.....
and suddenly it looks a lot better.

i was already feelin' pretty darn grateful.
that was the icing on the cake.

i went to bed tired last nite....and happy.
and i got to thinking about how cool it would be if i could
treat my personal life like the gutters.

wouldn't it be cool to know that my life gets gunked up and
just periodically needs cleaning? that taking time out,
climbing on the roof and cleaning out what needed cleaning
out was a thrill???

is there any way i can make gutter cleaning a life cleaning
thing for myself??? hmmmmm........

i feel asleep thinking about it.......

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