Friday, April 29, 2011

worlds intertwining

i guess it's just that it's all kinda rumblin' around at once that makes
it pretty noticeable.

there's the lives starting to shift.
there's the birthday around the corner.
there's the massive clean out lately where the old life seems to
have been swept away.

there was the conversation in the back yard last nite with noah
about having lived here for almost 20 years.

there's the meet up today with someone i haven't seen in over
25 years.

and there i sat this morning, on my little porch stoop, havin'
a drink of water with myself. thinking about time and life.

i poured my drink into my special white tree cup i bought
for when i wanted to just sit with myself.

there i sat sipping and looking at the iris in the garden.

when we moved into this house, we had a housewarming and asked all
our friends to bring plants. we planted a friendship garden with those
plants and then scattered extras all around.

these iris are from people who were like my grandparents when i was
growing up. they had the prettiest yard ever. and i'd go and sit
in their yard and just chat about life with them all thru my childhood.

they're gone now.
but their iris are right here blooming away.

memories of visiting them....
brought more memories of childhood...
and growing up...

lifetimes ago.
and yet they all mix and intertwine somehow.

today i meet up with someone i met in the 6th grade and knew thru
high school.

she and josh are workin' on a project together.
i'm just tagging along to say hello.

i'll sit and watch as my son and her work out details and figure
things out together.

talk about two lifetimes intertwining......

and i'll just watch.

and marvel about the twists and turns of it all.

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