Thursday, April 28, 2011

one awesome hunk of stuff..........

i keep thinking about kindness.

how much it matters.
how it changes things.
how it has a quiet power that gets so overlooked,
but truly can shake the earth.

how i need to pay much more attention to it.
cause seriously, god's in there.
i know that.
have touched it before.
and i don't pay enough attention.

sometimes i just take certain concepts and isolate them.
like kindness.

i just think about kindness. nothing else in particular.

well, with that on my mind today, i sat on my studio floor
packin' up an order. i was putting labels on prints and i had
a whole buncha prints spread in front of me.

there was this aura of gentleness kinda glidin' around.

'look at that,' i thought.

i picked a print up.
and then another.

'these are really gentle,' i thought.

hmmmmmm.....i guess i really am gentle.

i don't usually see myself that way as i hang out with the guys,
horse play, hit them in the head....that kinda thing....

but yeah, it was kinda hard to miss looking at that sea of prints on the floor.

i see it sometimes thru my art. sometimes it'll show itself to me.
but then i forget. and i'm always amazed when i see it again.

and that's when i got to thinking about the two concepts....

gentleness and kindness.

my gosh, those two things go hand in hand, don't they?

i saw this great quote on my friends facebook page......

‎"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." ~ Samuel Johnson

what a thought, huh???

i really like that.

i want to take gentleness and kindness and mix them up and play with them.
i want to offer that mixed up ball of those things more and more and more.

i spose that means i want to open my heart more and more and more.
cause it all goes together, doesn't it?

i went inside today. needed some space.
and how cool.
cause i stumbled into all this....

kindness mixed with gentleness mixed with god.

that seems like one awesome hunk of stuff.....

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Merry ME said...

For some reason when you talked about going inside for some space, I got a visual of a turtle! WHen things get to much for Mr. Turtle he can just pull in his legs and head. Do you think turtles meditate when they are in that position? I bet they do!