Monday, April 11, 2011

skewed balance....

she called right in the middle of a minor melt down.
i let it go.
called her a bit later.
left a message explaining the minor meltdown, no big deal,
just hormones i said as i laughed on the message and inserted
a few comments in case her husband heard the message first.

she called back, launching into her own minor meltdown stories,
hormonal happenings, feelings of overwhelm - both positive and
not so positive.

i closed my eyes and soaked her voice and words up like a sponge.
her emotions goin' all over the place with the stories.
oh yes.
this felt good.

i forget how much testosterone i live with.
i sometimes think that bone sigh arts is my estrogen and that i'm
okay. i forget how much i need real live estrogen friends from
time to time.

bob asked me later if i felt any better. i told him yeah, told
him i had meltdown and it helped and that just talkin' to my friend
and hearin' girl kinda feelings helped a ton too.

he laughed.

sometimes i try to picture what one of my guys would be like
surrounded by multitudes of estrogen. it helps me remember that
there sooooooo needs to be a balance!
and i gotta keep that in mind.
for everybody's sanity around here!

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La de Ojos Azules / Brigitte said...

I think that life teaches us (over and over) about this balance thing and how important it really is. If I think about all the people I consider to be "well adjusted," I see they understand that it all has to be balanced. It's so easy to lose sight of that and so posts like this one serve us all as reminders to stop and check on our balance. Life is not black or white, it's a million different shades of grey (with lots of colours thrown in!) and that's what makes it so interesting. And so we need to stop living it as if it were black or white. Thanks for this Terri... every little bit helps ;)