Monday, April 11, 2011

a small child inside

i bet with a title like the one above, you think that this is an inner child post!

for you see, i don't just talk inner child stuff!
tonite, i am sharing a laugh....

in part of the general clean out around here, we are ditching
a couple of small fridges. they are being picked up tomorrow.
so in the meantime, we put them on our back porch.

ah, ya see tho...i REALLY didn't want to put them outside.
i have no idea if this was something routinely drilled into people's
heads in the 60's and 70's or not...but i know that i have it
permanently printed on my brain that you never never never ever
leave a fridge outside unless the fridge door is taken off or there's
a massive (and i mean massive) chain around the whole thing keeping
the door closed.

under no no no circumstances.

did anyone else have this drilled into them???

the idea was that kids died by climbing inside the fridges to play
and not being able to get out

and unfortunately, i visualized that EVERY time this was drilled into my head.

so, of course, when the guys wanted to put them outside, i just couldn't
bear the thought.

'what if a small child climbs inside??'

picture the fridges if you will.
two bar fridges. you know? the really small kinds?? those.

so okay...what if a REALLY small child climbs inside??
we just can't risk it, i said.

zakk looked at me with his head cocked to the side.
he couldn't tell if i was kidding or just being completely wacko.

in an attempt to keep me quiet and get his way, he promised
to set them in a way so that the doors wouldn't be able to close.
and then he reminded me that there were no small children around
anyway. so we were prolly pretty safe even without the door thing.

this evening i've been really aware of the guys.
feeling very appreciative of them.
the idea that i not only don't have problems with them, but that
we actually work together to make our lives work...
that kinda stuff.
just real aware of how lucky i am.

a real gentle mood.

so when zakk wandered out to the back porch tonite to get the fridges
ready for pick up tomorrow, i was feelin' so darn lucky to have him.

and that's when i heard him do this sarcastic squeak and feign shock
and surprise and blurt out an 'oh my! there's a small child inside!"

he took me totally off guard and i burst out laughing.

the sarcastic bum.
i shoulda wacked him upside his head.
instead i loved him all the more........

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