Monday, May 16, 2011

fifty years oh my!

ah,i finally made it to the actual birthday today!
fifty years ago i was born.

wow, that's weird.

i walked and thought about it.
if i could just remember where i was BEFORE these fifty years,
i'd be all set, i thought. i could figure everything out then.
i grinned.
yeah, why not?

and then i remembered really really really seriously tryin' to figure
that out when i was a kid. i remember laying there on my bed in the dark
thinking hard and thinking that if i could just remember...

i laughed out loud as i walked remembering that.
i pictured my room, my bed, the slanted wall that was over my head as
i slept.

i tried SO HARD to figure it out.

i laughed and thought.......okay, you haven't changed much.

i looked up at the clouds.
there was the perfect heaven kinda picture you see in paintings.
i gasped.


and i grinned.

i have no idea about any of it.

but it's my birthday.
and i do know i'm gonna enjoy it today.
all of it.
the huge mix of life that it is.
all of it.

i looked up at heaven there in the clouds and gave a wink.

here's to life, i thought.

and turned back to my day.


W*R*O* said...

Happy Birthday Terri! Even though I've only known you for a very short time, I am thankful to you-know-who for your soul in my world and the gifts of your realness.

*W*RO* xo

Merry ME said...

By the end of this day you might be getting tired of hearing happy birthday. But I hope you'll never tire of love that surrounds you like a blanket from far and wide.

If anyone deserves to be celebrated, not for what she does, but for who she is deep down inside it is you, my sister friend. I have been blessed by your generosity, friendship, beauty, humor, cyber hand-holding, Bone Sighs, and light.

The thing about a candle's light in the dark is it can't help but shine on itself. You are that candle Miss Terr. Fifty of them to be exact.

Happy, Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ter!

My sister always told her kids (who always asked where they were before they were babies) that they were in "G*d's heart." I love it. My kids never asked.

Enjoy your special day within your special month!