Friday, May 13, 2011

missing exuberance!

(ohhh! it's back! so just forget this post! easier to type
this at the top then figure out how to delete this!!! i'm tickled
it came back as that one mattered a lot to me!)

the blog place has been having some problems.
wasn't able to post earlier.....and the blog that meant so much
to me that i wrote yesterday is gone!

i'm thinking it might pop back on here sooner or later......

but for now the blog post 'exuberance' is missing!!!

one of the biggest moments ever for me.

i'm grinnin'......and hopin' you guys saw it.
i'm sure i'll revisit it if it seems gone for good........

but i've got it inside of me, and i guess that's all that matters!


Merry ME said...

I'm really kind of po'd about this. How can they just delete the posts and then say, "sorry" like a little kid who doesn't whose parents make him apologize for being bratty and he doesn't even know what sorry meant. I can't even remember if I posted something or not. What if I did and it was a really good one? I'd be doubly po'd.

I did read exuberance and agree, it was a good one. Hope they magically re-appear!

Anonymous said...

I saw it, too, and loved it! Not surprising.
Sorry it got deleted.