Monday, May 9, 2011

my kitchen table

i had spent the week wrestling with a lot of past memories
and a lot of present confusion. and a whole lot of 'what's it all about' stuff.

at one point yesterday, i found myself sitting on my couch looking over
into the kitchen.

on the table were a dozen roses with two balloons right next to them.
one that said 'i love you' and one that said 'you're toadly old' with a toad on it.
bob had brought those the day before for me. they make me smile.

there was a tea set that my cousin had sent me for my birthday.
there were the cards and gifts from the guys. which included two fabulously
wild colored spray paints that i've been drooling over for a few weeks!

there was various odds and ends from the day....keys, a wallet, directions
to something, a drink.

i looked at that table.
it was filled with life. it was filled with love. it was filled with the people i love.

i sat there just looking at it, and my kitchen, and my house.

i don't think this week's gonna be that much easier than last week, truthfully.
i'm hoping it's easier...way easier...but it's still got challenges ahead. and
it's the kind that get me wondering about life.

so i held that picture of my table in my heart. and decided i'm carrying that with me all week.
cause that table sorta just reminds me of what it's about, what matters to me,
and how much i truly do have.

my kitchen table.
it's an awesome place in my house.
and in my heart....

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Ellie said...

That's exactly why I love my house! Good post.