Monday, May 9, 2011

a really good day......

it was a day of living in a safe space,
and i tell ya, i needed it.

i spent the whole day with my three sons.
we puttered on my car, went to pick up some supplies for
the car to tune up later in the week, we went for a long
bike ride, they made me dinner, and we just hung out.

at one point they sat me down to give me a gift, and each
one of them had made me a card. i was surprised when zakk
handed me one, as i don't think he's made me a card since
he was little.

each card took my breath away in how much their personalities
came thru.

josh handed me some zany wild energy crazed cartoon kinda card
that had references to things past.

noah's was gently funny and sentimental.

zakk's made me laugh out loud and was full of sarcasm.

i couldn't believe how obvious their personalities stood out.
i think i'll keep them forever!

they gave me a GPS so i won't get lost goin' to movie theaters anymore.
and i'm totally thrilled. we sat around and picked the voice to go with
it. this was really important to me. had to have the right voice.
they knew this, and gave me a gift certificate to pick just the right one.
so we sat and listened to them all and finally picked one that sounds like
captain jack sparrow. i couldn't be more tickled. it's delightful!

we took capt jack out for a spin and laughed and loved the new gadget.

and the thing i noticed the most all day, was how i just collapsed into
the energy of our family. it had been a long, hard week. and i just
collapsed into the comfort of the guys. and i knew just how lucky i was
all day.

there was kindness and caring and laughter and giving......and just plain
ol' love. a place i really needed to hang out in.

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