Wednesday, May 11, 2011

oh so good...

i tell ya, it was like magic.....
i kept thinking about having an open heart to life yesterday,
and the whole day was incredible.

i also didn't have an immediate challenges in front of my face.

sooooo maybe it wasn't as magical as it felt.
but it sure felt good.

there were a couple little things that were annoying, but they slipped
right away....

so. great. opening to life works real good when you have a happy day to open to.

think i already knew that one.

it was a warm up exercise tho.

so i'm gonna try it again.
and today won't be any warm up.
today will be putting it to the test.

but i think yesterday's gonna kinda be my cement today.
cause yesterday was filled with all the good things my life is full of.

if i can hang on to that kinda thing.....i think that's gonna make a huge
difference for me.

if i know, just totally know how much my life rocks...
well, then??? what the heck can challenge that?!!

and just for a little back up, i made myself an audio recording of
some bone sighs to remind me. there will be a drive in my day today
where i'll be listening to myself reading bone sighs.

and then......when i get home, i'm gonna light a candle in my brand new
star candle holder that a friend just gave me. you light the candle and
light will shine thru star shaped holes.

this friend who sent it to me is pretty significant and symbolic.
she's made it thru a whole heap of awful. and she keeps moving forward.
even when she thinks she can't anymore.

i'll be lighting that candle thinking of her.
thinking of our connection.
and smiling.

those are some pretty cool back ups.

so i turn towards the day.
bring it on, life.
i know what i've got.

and i'm not gonna tarnish it today with self doubt.

i'm gonna hold it with gratitude.

yeah, there will be sadness.
cause life can be really sad.

but it's oh so good at the same time.
it's oh so good.

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Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

OMG that sounds just like me! I've said those exact things to myself and struggle with that all the time. One day is awesome and I try so very hard to stay with the feeling and have it carry over into the next day or days. Please, please, please tell us if you succeeded and, if you did, how you did it! My experience is one difficult day usually follows a really up day... but that's probably just me. Sending you lots of positive energy so that you succeed!!!