Thursday, May 5, 2011

a quiet presence.....

there's this woman........
this amazing woman.

i'm tryin' to think how we even met???
never in person.
just on line.

and i can't remember how we met.

but i've known her for years now.

one day i got a gift in the mail.
no card, no note.
a home-made pottery gift.

i looked at the bottom of the piece and saw her name.

and i dropped her a note to thank her.
i wasn't even positive it was her....but i thought i'd try.
sure enough.

that's what she's like.
she just does things for people.

that isn't the only gift i've gotten from her.
she's not only sent me others.
she's sent my SON a set of fabulous home made bowls for his new home.

every time i go over there, i eat out of one and think of her.
(yeah, i like to eat at his house!)

i think of her, shake my head at her generosity and feel warm.
i drink out of a tea cup she made me and think of her.
i think of her more than she knows.

i've watched over the years.
i see people thank her for gifts she's sent them.

over and over i see it.

yesterday i was reading a blog by someone who i didn't even know
knew her. and there was a photo of a homemade necklace and a mention
of this woman.

my eyes got big.

she's everywhere.
this quiet, beautiful woman.
she's just everywhere.

and i happen to know that her finances are tight.
that's easy to say and shrug off.
but if you've ever lived tight finances, the postage is gonna come
right to mind.
just postage alone.
and then of course, there's the time, the supplies, the giving away
things she could all comes to mind real fast if you
understand tight.

and yet....her gifts are everywhere.

and it's not just that she sends 'things.'
i guess that's obvious because anyone who does this with this degree
of generosity isn't gonna just send 'things.'
the gifts are infused with love, and kindness and thought.

she's one of the most beautiful women i've ever known.
and she's just quietly there.

i just wanted to mention her here today......
i was looking at a photo of her just a few minutes ago.
it's funny, just the back of her...and i was struck
with her gentle air.....

what a beautiful soul.
and how lucky i am to know her....


Merry ME said...

I know a few people like that.
I'm blessed.

W*R*O* said...

Terri, I couldn't have described her more... I too am grateful for her presence in my life (and not because of her gifts either!)