Thursday, July 14, 2011


what a difference a few degrees make!
okay, maybe it's ten degrees!
i have no idea, but it's way way cooler!

i woke up and thought 'ohhhhhhh it's DELICIOUSLY cool this morning!'

it's times like that i really feel for people who never open
their miss the changes in weather like that,
and there's nothing like waking up to a relief in the weather.

i almost danced down the street, it felt so good.

she was out sweeping her car porch.
i practically ran up to her, we hugged and rejoiced in
the weather! her face was lit up and she was thrilled
with the coolness.

'i got a chair for you!' she said as she pointed to the
chair near the bench she sits on.

i laughed, told her that i'd take a quick walk and be right

'i'll time you!' she hollered after me.

when i landed back we just couldn't stop gushing about the weather.

it was really funny.

and so amazing how much it affects your mood.

i looked at her seriously and told her next time she was feeling
down, to notice the weather. if it was really hot, just remember
it would get cool again!

as i sit here with the breeze comin' in my window, i marvel
at how much weather matters to me.

i feel like i got handed a gift this morning......
and i'm loving it!

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