Friday, July 15, 2011

toasting the humble!

i like humble people.
i just do.

i walked and thought about it today.
i started thinking about someone i know who is less than humble.

while she's correct in a lot of her assessments of herself,
i would really rather be the one to figure it out on my own
about her than have her tell me.

and believe me, i'd figure it out, i'd see it and i'd
appreciate it.

i don't need to have it pointed out. i readily see the
good things in people.

and then i thought about the people i know who are truly humble.
people who are wicked good at stuff and never ever ever say
they are.

it's not that they have a problem saying they are.
it's not that they don't believe in themselves.
it's not some kinda self value issue.

it's that they don't need to say it, they're confident in their
abilities and that's enough. and they also know that there's a
whole lot more they can learn.

i don't care how good you are, i think that's true. there's
always more to learn.

my hero, stevie ray vaughan, was way humble. always talking
about the guys he learned from.

something i've figured out....when you're thinking a person is
really good at what they do and you ask them about it and they
tell you they have a lot more to learn - you can be pretty sure
they're even better than you thought.

the people who are truly humble seem to be busy living and doing
their thing...not trying to convince people or show the world their

they don't have to prove themselves. they don't have to talk about it.
they just are.

and maybe that's the most appealing thing to me.
they're too busy living to be talkin' about their stuff.
and they seem to know that there's a whole lot that makes a person a person.
and they seem to know that there's more to it all then the thing they're
gifted in. and that it all matters.

i had never thought about it much before.
just that i liked humble people.
but it's a whole attitude towards life, isn't it?
no wonder i like it.

and i just realized...the not so humble - well, i tend to wander away
from them. and the humble - i like to head closer to.

and as i type this, i realize i fell in love with one of those humble kinda guys.
and yeah, now that i think of it, that's one of my favorite things
about him.

toasting the humble this morning and appreciating all the quiet
magnificents i know out there! i know a lot of 'em! how cool is that?!


Zura said...

Love what you said here. Years ago I heard that "humility is a right estimate of ones self". What that told me was that if I were humble, I wouldn't have the negative feelings and beliefs about myself.

A "right estimate" would be owning the talents and achievements I have. But it would also be owning the other things about myself that other people may not admire.

I found that the key to finding this kind of humility is to work on acceptance. I have been able to accept things about myself that I used to think I had to change.

In working on acceptance, I've not only accepted things about myself, but it has resulted in me being more accepting of others. And that, has in turn, made me more humble.

Insecurity makes me want to be sure others know all the good about me. No humility there!

But as I accept others where they are, I don't have envy and I don't feel less than other people. And that gets me closer to true humility, I believe.

DellaLuna said...

YES Terri! YES Zura! It's funny how the Universe works - just had a talk with some folks about what humility is last Wednesday, and now you're talking about it, Terri.

Yes, Terri, it's one of those slippery words, one of those "Well, I know it when I see it" kind of things. But I love how you explained what you see as humility here - and I think you've helped nail down a little some of that slippery quality.