Thursday, July 28, 2011

toasting the magic!

okay, i have a lot of cosmic reminders in my life.

stuff that makes me stop and slap my head and wonder why on earth
i forget how magical life is.

some stuff i'm more quiet about, some stuff i run around and tell
my sons and squeal in delight...and then some are just too amazing
and i have to share here!

this happened this morning and i just keep thinking about it.....

a few years back, i was completely changing over my bedroom.
getting rid of stuff i had from the married days, and just totally
making it mine. it was really symbolic to me, and meant a lot.
i had taken a long time to do the whole do-over...and now i felt
the time was right and felt really good about it.

i needed a new piece of art.

but what?

this was replacing my old life, and going to be a part of my new one.
it mattered to me.

what would it be?

i had no idea.

i got on the redbubble site.
if you've never been over there, i highly recommend it.
gazillions and gazillions of talented artists!

i got on the site having no idea what i wanted, but knowing that when
i saw it, i would recognize it.

sure enough.....i browsed for awhile and bam! there it was!
just what i wanted!

i didn't hesitate. ordered it, dropped the artist a thank you,
and was just so tickled when it came in.
it's been hanging in my room for years now.

when my insides are getting a little crazed, or i'm having a hard
time, or i just need some kinda centering, i look at the print,
and i feel a sense of calm and perspective. in all honesty, that print
gets looked at and appreciated every single day.

so now, here we son noah has some friends on redbubble.

this morning, he shared a link to an artist in poland that he knows.
it was her redbubble page. i ordered some cards from her, then
asked noah if he had any other redbubble buddies that he wanted to
share as i was card shopping.
he shared the link of a woman that we'd just been talking about
and then he said 'and you've seen parmi's work, right?' and shared
his link.

parmi is a buddy of noah's from on line. i've heard about him for ages.
i've even stopped and seen some of his work before when noah was first
getting to know him.

so i popped on parmi's link, browsed thru his stuff, was picking a few
for cards when bam! i saw my print right there in his mix of stuff!!!!

i couldn't believe it.
i did a double take.

i clicked on it to make sure.
it couldn't be!
it WAS!!!!!

this is someone noah really likes and has known for awhile now.
and i had NO idea he was the same guy!!!

trust me, there are GAZILLIONS of artists there.
the chances that i found parmi's work without even knowing it
are like the chances i have of winning the lottery.
(hmmmm....maybe i ought to go buy a ticket!)

so as i'm falling outta my chair and squealing about this.....
i get a note from parmi.

he remembers the sale.
it was the first print he sold off of redbubble.
and he said that purchase had encouraged him a lot.
and he had no idea it was me! (he knows i'm noah's mom)

i'm going to put the link to redbubble here.......if you
go over and see all the work, your eyes will bug out!
both because it's all awesome....and because it's impossible
that i found parmi like i did~!


and i so love that.
i just love that.

{and for those who've read the post's my first chance
to grin and say 'oh my gosh, there she goes again!'
and i'm soooooooo lovin' it!)

raisin' my cup of ice tea to the universe today!
may we always dance in the magic that surrounds us!

and here's the links to check out!

parmi's work!
if you browse around, you'll see the blue one called 'wanderlust'...
that's the one!

another friend of noah's, voloschka. i've seen more of her work. we've got to get her posting them! she's awesome!

and noah's friend from poland, filosho.
i ordered some of her heart stuff! love the 'love' one that's 'lowe!'

i can't believe it! i left noah out of the list!
well, back again to add him here.......definitely check out noah's work too!


Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

This is like the story of my purchasing the book by your freind
Deb as a gift for a friend. Then you hook Deb & I up together and I learn that SHE is the one who wrote the book I gave my friend! Now I have my own copy. Our world sometimes seems so incredibly small, especially when you open your eyes to mystery. Love you, Ter.

Pamela Jones said...

That is so funny! And when I went to look at parmi's artwork, with only "blue" as a hint, I immediately clicked on the one you bought. It really is YOU.