Tuesday, August 30, 2011

grabbing the mornings.......

so, okay, i always seem to be years and years behind
everyone. i watch the good movies years later, read the
good books years later...and! i figure out that waking
to music for your alarm clock is way way cool years after
everyone knew this already.

today was my first morning to a musical wake up.

i'm a definite fan!

ohmygosh....i woke up to my current favorite song
and i could feel myself totally light up as i woke up.

how cool is that?!!
sure beats wanting to turn the alarm off as quick as i can.

i cleaned myself up, made my bed, got dressed
and then wandered out to my back yard in the dark.

i had a plan to pick up the branches that the hurricane had
knocked down and just kinda get a little grounded outside early
this morning. i thought the dark would help with the grounded part.
maybe not with the branch part, but i was more into the
grounding than the sticks.

as i whispered to myself out in the dark, i realized that i
could be the morning's wake up music. my whispering could wake
the morning.

i wandered around, stooped over and picked up millions of branch
bits, and whispered to myself about anything and everything.

i have a plan now...tomorrow morning i'm gonna go out back in the
dark and actually be the morning's alarm clock on purpose.
i'm gonna say beautiful things to it to start the day off right.

how fun will that be?!

i'm inspired!

and i realized something today - i actually get up early on purpose
for this kinda thing.

i used to get up really really early cause i was starting a business,
homeschooling my sons, and trying to survive. i just didn't sleep much.

life changes...

and then i used to get up early to catch a call from my guy and get
a little bit done before it got crazy around here.

life changes...

and now? i get up early to meet the morning and exercise and just
ground myself.

i gotta tell ya, i never woulda figured i'd miss sleep for that.
and now? i love it.

there's something wonderful about evolving and figuring out what
feeds your soul, keeps you sane, and grounds you....and grabbing it.

and grabbing it! what a great thing to do.

cause it's our life.
and it's up to us to grab it.

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