Monday, August 29, 2011

the stars came back.....

i walked and remembered all i felt last nite.
i thought of how i'm here and i want to claim being here.
and i breathed in the cool morning air.

a neighbor from a few blocks over was driving by.
she stopped and asked if i had power.

ohhhhhh if i had been quicker what a great answer
i could have given her. 'power?! oh yeah, baby,
i got power and i just reclaimed it!'

but um....i'm not that quick.

so i said 'yeah.'

she told me they didn't have any. no phones, no electric.

we had gotten ours a few hours after we lost it.

that did it.
the gratitude zoomed thru me.

no kidding.

we had lost power long enough for me to think about
plans for working if it didn't come back on. it
wasn't even so much about living - it was keeping
work rollin'.

so knowing what i could be doing right now just to make
things work out, and knowing that i don't have to felt
really really good.

and as i walked i could feel the stars.

i haven't felt them in awhile.

i could feel the stars in my veins.

the stars zippin' thru my insides.

my face filled with delight.

they're here!
i walked faster and felt them.
flowin' thru my arms.
my fingers.
whirlin' around my elbows.

oh yes!
it's been too long.....

felt them in my legs.
smiled big when i could feel a really large one in each kneecap.
i bent my knees more as i walked just to play with the stars in them.

headin' back to my house, i looked at the stuff all over the yard,
i thought of the leak in the roof i had to deal with, and the mess my
studio's in right now.

and i smiled.
cause it's mine. and i'm here. and i have stars inside me.
think i'll turn on everything electrical i have just to appreciate
it working and i'll go tackle my day.

cause it's my day.
all mine.
and if i look close, i can see - it's filled with stars.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Ah Yes my Sister/Friend! Star Woman is back and glowing, he he he!

Don't you just love when Grace perches in the soul in the early morning hours?

And...speaking of stationary bike stands that is sooo what I need and didn't even know there was such a thing? How and where do I find one of those?

Have a Maaahvelous Day Dear Heart!

Susan said...