Tuesday, August 30, 2011

near misses

yesterday seemed to be day i noticed the near misses.
even before the drama with zakk in the kitchen.
i was noticing things.

think maybe it started with hearing my neighbors didn't
have power.

talk about a near miss.
just a block or two away.
and i felt really really grateful.

then i noticed a few other things.
things that could have gone wrong but didn't.

i noticed that i was seeing these things yesterday
and wondered how many near misses happen every day.

and then! zakk and i had a moment in the kitchen.

it's hard to explain if you don't have young men living in
the house with you. that young guy energy is in a category
all on its own.

i was blending up some stuff in my food processor.
well, i was getting READY to do that.
the lid was off, and i had thrown in some frozen strawberries.

zakk was standing there just kinda waiting for lunch, i guess.
i have no idea why he was just hanging there.
but apparently he was hanging there with little to do as he
seemed to need to entertain himself.

my back was turned when he grabbed a pair of scissors.
as i was turning back towards him and the strawberries,
i didn't notice that his arms had just lifted with the scissors
to thrust down upon the strawberries.

i reached to the strawberries to separate them, and that's
when i saw the scissors barreling towards my hand.

we both reacted.
thank goodness.
i yanked my hand away and he tried to aim IN BETWEEN my fingers.

i screamed and screamed and screamed so much that zakk didn't
know if he gotten me or not.

josh informed me he knew that i hadn't gotten stabbed because of the
type of scream i was screaming. he then went ahead and demonstrated
what i would have done if i actually had gotten stabbed. complete
with a few gurgles of blood or something thrown into the sound effects.

noah had no idea what was going on, he was sitting at the table
laughing and laughing because i was standing in the middle of the
kitchen screaming at the top of my lungs and waving my hands. and
i just wouldn't stop. it was soooooo close it totally freaked me out.

i'm not sure if zakk was looking for blood to figure it all out or

it was about as near a miss as you get.
and it could have been AWFUL.

when i stopped screaming i held my hand tight, closed my eyes and
just said 'thankyougod, thankyougod, thankyougod' over and over in
a frantic kinda way.

near misses.
not always with quite so much drama....but all thru the day,
every day.....near misses.

knowing that really seemed to increase my gratitude.
i'm carrying that gratitude back into today......

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