Friday, August 12, 2011

a meander

there is gold in sitting by an open window, feeling a cool breeze
come thru. a motorcycle roars off in the distance and some bird
out there just keeps at it's call. definitely feels good.

i've been doin' some life thinking. and then apparently, life dreaming.
dreams were full last nite.

just been kinda wondering what it's all about and what's the point
and all that kinda stuff.

one thing led to another, and i had a thought.

it probably sounds like an insignificant thought.
but for me, this morning, it felt really good.

there's a whole lotta different kinda life styles and ways of
living and philosophizing and being...

and i'm thinking every single one of those ways is filled with
its own struggles, its own moments of discouragement that bring
us to wondering what they heck the point is.

i don't get why some people pick the life style they do.
always thought they were if they knew better they'd
choose differently.
if you knew life was based on love, you wouldn't do that.
that kinda thinking.....
i kinda changed gears this morning.

i really saw how we all see things differently. we all carry
such different experiences inside of us.
and i realized that people are truly picking based on what's
inside of them.

and we're all different inside.

and yet, we're all the same.
which is why their life style, my life style, your life style,
all brings us to the same stuff. even if the outside stuff is way

don't we all end up sitting on our back porch at some point
wondering what the heck we're doin' and why???

suddenly everyone's life styles seemed the same to me.
i don't know how to explain it, but i saw so clearly how we
all travel the same matter what it looks like on
the outside. and the outside stuff didn't matter at all.
that's our vehicles to get to the inside stuff.

i've never seen it quite like this before.

like this guy over here, he needs this lifestyle that i think
has got to be obnoxious. he needs that. that's what will speak
to him. this one here, she needs this particular lifestyle, that's
where she'll find her gold. they've created it. it's what speaks
to them.

it was just really cool to see that. everyone's lifestyle was
equally as cool because it could bring the person to where they
needed to go inside.

i don't even know how to communicate this thought. i was fascinated by it.

so there i sat on my back porch wondering about life,
what i'm doin' with it and what's the point.

i've been wondering that a bit lately.
it's been whispering thru me the last week,
and then seemed to kinda just come in and land.

i don't know what the heck i'm doin' and why.
i'm a little bit discouraged about that.
but not overwhelmingly so.
just enough to be a bit haunted but still functioning.

and i had this thought......about lifestyles.

well, while i'm tryin' to figure out what the heck i'm doing and
why....i thought of my lifestyle.
i sure do love where i'm at while i'm figuring.
i came in from breakfast on my back porch,
stood in my kitchen and just looked around the room.
it makes me feel good in here.

and as i sit by this open window, i remember the gold in a cool
breeze and a bird making a racket.....and i'm glad i'm here.

i have no idea what the heck i'm doin' and why.
but i'm sure glad i've got a cozy home to snuggle into and ponder it....

that part feels really good.

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Janece said...

This is a really meaningful post, Terri.

I think we always get on slippery ground when we start judging and comparing our life...our path...our personal expressions.. to others. There's only a couple of ways that can go. "We're right/they're wrong" or "They're better/I'm worse" or something like that.

I was just commenting to another person who blogged on a similar topic that we are ALL flowers in the Garden of God. Some of us are Sunflowers. Some of us are Pansies. Some are Orchids, others Dandelions, still others roses.

Many people judge the Dandelion to be "less than", and pick them out of their yards. But there are interesting facts about the dandelion that make it anything BUT less than! They can grow in places other flowers can't. They literally fertilize themselves, vs. relying on insects to pollenate them. Stuff like that.

I think one of the hardest - and most freeing - lessons we can learn is "live and let live". I'm not talking about walking away while someone mugs another person, or anything like that. But I'm sure you get my drift.

It was so cool to see you came full circle on this, and saw the sacred separateness of each of our journeys.