Tuesday, September 20, 2011

allowing and trust again?! jeesh....

i went off in search of inspiration this morning.

the first thing i did was go to a book i have on personality types.
i looked up my type and looked at the 'practices that help my type develop.'
or...'stuff to do when feeling crazed.'

the best bit i got, i thought a lot of us could use - no matter what personality
type you are.

'remember feelings aren't facts.'

oh yeah.

for me, that's a big one.
really big.

so i sat with that for awhile.
really sat with it.
saw how i needed to do a little untangling there.

then i hit a few more books that were no help at all...
and then this.......
from 'when love meets fear' -

'no amount of self-parenting or therapy can reverse or eliminate the
inconsolable part of us. true health is in accepting the irreversibility of the
freedom happens to us when we no longer look for consolation of the
inconsolable in anybody or anything.'

okay........it's back to 'allowing' or something like that.

allowing and trust.

man, sometimes that stuff gets old........
but.......i guess it's the deal.
so i'll try again.

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