Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the cold that just seems right....

i got a cold last nite.
not even sure how to explain this,
but when i felt it coming on it was like 'of course.'

i had visited with a friend with a cold.
i'm a big believer in your emotions having a lot to do with
how strong your immune system is for these things.

and i gotta say - i really think my immune system was wide open to the cold.

i've been strugglin on the inside for a bit now.
my emotions have been strong and difficult for me to deal with.

getting the cold makes sense to me.
and something that makes sense actually feels okay.

it's time for some quiet, rest, and taking care of myself.

and yeah, it is.

the guys will keep their distance from me.
i'll be here putterin' on work and hangin' out alone in the quiet.

and right now i think that's exactly what i need.

i have some stuff i have to get okay with.
and i think this is how i'll get there...thru this silly cold.

isn't that the weirdest thing?
and absolutely cool.........

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

Actually when you explain like this it's not weird at all. Perhaps what's weird is that you didn't start sneezing and coughing before now.