Wednesday, September 21, 2011


there's big big news today with a friend of mine.
something she's been wanting for a long time now, happened.
it's not like she got a new car, or she got the contract on the house,
or even found a new love of her life...

um....nooooo....i take that back........
she DID find a new love of her life.
but this love is inside her!
not outside.

she's been doin' a ton of inner work.
in fact, i think that's how i met her.
she bumped into bone sighs and they hit some of the stuff she was feeling
and we got to talkin.

and she's shared some of her journey with me.
it's hard stuff, and she's not out of the woods yet.
she's still wrapped in some pretty intense darkness.

but now she's found another piece of herself to travel thru that darkness with.

my favorite part of her story, and what i wanted to share here is that she never
saw it coming.

she said 'bam' it just hit.

boy do i know those 'bams'.....outta the blue.

thing is....from where i sat and watched, i saw clearly it wasn't outta the blue.
no way at all.
she had no idea when it'd happen, and she had no control of how it happened,
but the fact that it did indeed happen was because of all the work she's put in.

she's prepared the soil, ya know?
plowed it, hoed it, whacked those huge clumps of clay, she prepared the start
of a garden.

and i'm not sure she even knew what she was doing.
she just knew she was trying hard.

and to her, it felt like it wasn't working.
like she couldn't get it 'right.'

and then bam.
one heck of a sprout came out of that garden soil.
and she's rejoicing today.
and i'm rejoicing with her...
and honoring this crazy process we go thru.

i wanted to put it out here, to remind all of us who are whackin' at our
own hunks of clay, or just hoeing and hoeing and hoeing and feelin' like
we're gettin' nowhere.....

we're doin' good.
we're doin' just what we need to be doin'.
we're preparin the way for that first sprout.
or heck...maybe the visual's wrong.
with that 'bam!' maybe we're clearin' the way for some wonderful
treasure to fall from the sky. maybe from the sky inside us.
and it falls bam! right into our garden.
and shoots life into it.

maybe that's the visual.....

whatever it is we're celebrating....
and reminding all of us.....just keep trusting.
just keep trusting.


you know what??
i left out a big part........

bam! it landed on her......but she had to trust it and walk thru it
and look at some darkness to find the gold.

that's a pretty big part.
i can't believe i left that out.

she had to TRUST the moment and walk into it.

oh yeah....that's important!

bam it landed on her.
she didn't turn away....
and that's how she found her treasure.

ha! she rocks!
and this whole process really can rock too, can't it?


Anonymous said...

Celebrating with you Terri! The process indeed rocks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ter...I could not have done it without you, the Guru and my Louise cheering me on and sometimes picking me back up. I appreciate your very kind words and for celebrating with me. Hugs.