Monday, September 19, 2011


i hadn't even gotten off my driveway when the gentleness of the morning just
hit me.

well, i guess gentleness doesn't 'hit' does it?

how about this? all my senses became aware of it.


i turned the corner up the street.
there was a sunrise goin' on up there.

ohmygosh...totally stunning.

thing is, it would be to my back.

so i stood there for a few minutes just looking at it.
then i started walking the other way.
but i kept turning around.

i can't figure out how to walk and see everything.
if i walk towards the sunrise, then i miss the sky lighting up
in this big ol' patch of sky i like to watch.

if i catch the patch of sky, i can't see the morning roaring
to a start up the road.

it can make a person crazy.
i want to see it all.

but whichever way i looked, i felt the gentleness.

i thought about what makes a gentle morning gentle.

my snotty side stepped in and said the obvious -
'well, gee, ter....i guess no huge winds, no pouring rain,
no lightning.'

okay. okay.
but what really does?

i looked at the colors and felt the soft breeze.

i watched the cars driving under the sky that was breaking into day.
did they see it?
could they see it from underneath it?
did they care?
could they feel the gentleness?

i just walked and soaked it in.
things would come up that distracted me.
some things that had been botherin' me came up.
but i'd just shush them and wrap them in the gentleness.

i just wanted to feel it while i had it all around me.

i wanted to appreciate it being there.....

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