Monday, September 5, 2011

labor day thoughts....

just the other day i had lunch with my step sons.
jobs were a big part of the conversation.
between the four of us sitting there, there was a pretty interesting range of work.
raises, government freezes, tuition reimbursement, and being able to pay the mortgage
were all part of the conversation.
all of us are employed and right now that's something to feel grateful for.
i'm not sure how much the young guys knew that, but i was feeling it.
'the economy' has been on my mind for a long time now.

a friend of mine who's a few years older than i am just recently lost his job. 
mid-fifties, he'd been working there for years and years and years and years and years.
to say it hit hard would be an understatement. i stand on the sidelines and root him on,
and i worry about him - imagining the sleepless nites he's having these days.

i forget how lucky i am.
i forget way too often.

too many people are out of work. and things just don't look good.

i'm working today. there's always stuff to do. and i took the weekend off.
i rarely take the whole weekend off so i have to kind of make up for that.
and this morning that feels like a really good thing.
it doesn't always.
those are the times i forget and wish i could grab more of a break here and there.
but this labor day is kind of making me think.
i got up this morning feeling lucky i had work and feeling lucky i had the busy day ahead of me.

labor day has never felt significant to me before.
but today it does.
there's a whole lotta people out there wishin' they had work.
and there's a whole lotta people out there struggling with the bills.
i'm holdin' them in my heart today.

today feels like a day for them. a day to keep them in mind.
and to feel grateful for the work i do have.

i'm gonna dig into it all with a little extra care today...

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