Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a little break time....

i've been tryin' to listen....tryin' to pay attention.
even with the dreams.
and i tell ya, the last few nites the dreams have been pretty icky.
last nite i woke up from a particularly horrid one and tried to stay
open and figure there's a good message for me.....i just didn't get it.
i figure i may need to practice a bit here. i'm definitely rusty.

i head off to jury duty today...
i decided it's time i figure some stuff out for myself.
what exactly do i believe in?

i figure i won't get that settled today or tomorrow...
but i'm diving in and gonna start work on it.

i've had different sets of beliefs that have seen me thru different times
in my life. i'd like another. and i also figure if i'm lucky, it won't be
my last set. i'll change yet again.

so my books are packed, i'm hoping for hours and hours of waiting,
then not getting picked and being sent home.
my fingers are crossed for that one. i could go for hours of reading
and thinking and being left alone.....think i could really use that.

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