Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my morning......

i'm home! i'm home! ha! i'm home!

and i'm really glad i am.

tho, i gotta say, this morning was so good for me.

i really really really wanted to sit all morning in the big waiting
room, not get called and just read.

it didn't work that way. i go called in.
and when i did, i thought 'okay, that's okay too.'
and as i sat in a courtroom waiting to find out if i'd be on
a jury, i did a lot of thinking.

one thing i thought about was how i could speed up the process.
my gosh.
i really wanted to raise my hand and offer some friendly advice
to the judge.
i figured that wouldn't go over too well.
but my gosh, they could use some tweaking.

everyone was really nice and it was way better than the last time
i was there. they've upgraded and improved it all.
but still....there's tremendous amount of time wasted.....

oh well.
it gave me time to sit and think.
and read in between things as i didn't get picked for the jury,
so i went back to the big room to wait some more.

i thought a lot about wanting to control life, and just letting it go
and allowing it. was kinda cool to watch that as the morning went on.

i brought some of my favorite books and browsed thru my underlines
from past readings.

and i don't have anything figured out at all.....but i do have this.........
i want to give a lot of thought to the 'soul.'
seems like that's where it's at.
and also the 'mystical' part of life....
or magical.....or whatever word you want to use.........
and! the body!
all these subjects had me intrigued today.

check this out - (from carolyn myss)

'as we develop a rich interior spiritual life,
we no longer have to dig for our own graces, because a divine
well of grace is endlessly supplied. we simply live in a field of grace,
generated by our own soul.'

i'm not sure what that means....but i think i believe that........

and then this from another book......

'tho we would never wish the poisonous red shoes and the
subsequent decrease of life onto ourselves or others, there is in
its fiery and destructive center a something that fuses fierceness to
wisdom in the woman who has danced the cursed dance, who has
lost herself and her creative life, who has driven herself to hell
in a cheap (or expensive) handbasket, and yet who has somehow
held on to a work, a thought, an idea until she could escape her
demon through a crack in time and live to tell about it.'


fuses fierceness to wisdom.......


so i'm kinda inspired.......

the wisdom of the body
the soul
the mystical........

i wanna play with all of it..............
and i guess i'll leave the court tweaking to the court guys........

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