Monday, October 10, 2011

no thanks

sometimes when i look back in history, i can understand the ignorance.
it makes total sense to me.
and being plenty ignorant myself with things, i feel compassion.

like people not knowing how disease was spread.
well, that just makes sense.
of course you don't know.
it's something you need to figure out.

okay, that registers.

things like not knowing smoking was bad for you....
well, that gets a little more wobbly for me.
kinda seems like a no-brainer to me.
but okay, i might give you that one. that you needed to figure it out.

but things like women not being able to vote -
that makes no sense to me.
unless you throw in the stuff about power and control.
and then when you get into the whole race stuff - yeah, it's got to be
about power and control.
don't anyone even tell me you didn't know better.
so that's not that everyone was just ignorant and not realizing...there were some other
forces goin' on there.

so, okay, that makes sense to me.
not good stuff by any means. but i see that had to evolve
and was bound to.

but you take something like columbus day, and i can't figure it out at all.
how is it okay to make a national holiday for this?

there wasn't a learning curve like with disease, and i don't see the power and
control thing with making columbus a hero.
i mean, i see the power and control thing of columbus himself.
but why on earth have we made a holiday around him and what he did?

and why on earth haven't we stopped honoring that day?
and why is it no one seems to care?

i learned about this great hero columbus when i went to school.
and then when i was an adult, i read about columbus.
and i cried when i read what it was he did to the natives.
and i couldn't believe we've made a holiday for this.

and i couldn't believe i was taught the whole columbus myth and everyone
was really fine with that.

it makes no sense to me at all.
i walked this morning and wondered is it ignorance?
is it complete apathy?
it is just wanting a holiday so bad we don't care what it's for?

i haven't a clue.
it feels really wrong to me.
no thanks on today's 'holiday.'
i think i'll work.

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Anonymous said...

The hardest things to wrap our heads around...
My son calls it" the monkeys with guns syndrome."
It's greed, and power and un-evolved humanity that is addicted to it's emotions and not ready for accountability.