Monday, October 10, 2011

parts of the sky....

i turned the corner and saw the sunrise.
i stopped. gasped.
looked both ways like a good girl,
then stood in the middle of the road to really look at the sky.


then i turned my back on it as i was going the other way.
that always kills me just a bit.
to turn your back on the sunrise....
oh man.

but then i looked in front of me.
and the sky had this hint of lavender and pink in it.
just a hint.
i noticed it but then got lost in my thoughts.

i've been loopin' the blocks on some mornings.
just doin' the block a few times.

and as i looped the block for the third time, i looked
at the sunrise section again.
it had now spread out a bit, but the glory and intensity of it
was still there.

but on this round i noticed the quieter side of the sky.
the sky that had the slight purple and pink.
the colors had gotten a bit brighter, stronger.
still subtle, but really beautiful.

that's the introverted part of the sky, i thought.
looking over my shoulder at the bright orange sunrise,
i thought and THAT'S the extroverted part.

and i got to thinking about how  a lot of us are like the introverted part.
the light, subtle, beautiful part.

we're lighting up the sky/world in our own way.
but it's quieter than the ones who knock the world over with their boldness
and beauty.

and we forget.
we forget that our quiet way is just as beautiful.
we forget how much our subtle light really does light up the world.

and i wanted to put that out here.
and remind us.
all the quiet, subtle  lavender and pink streaks in the sky -
keep on glowing.
it matters.


tammy vitale said...

love this. really really love this. I never thought of the world or sky as introverted and extroverted. Opened my world up.

terri said...

thanks, tam!