Saturday, October 8, 2011


her dad was in the hospital.
she posted and asked for prayers and good energy.
i barely know her, but threw my stuff into the cosmic pot.

i'm a believer in that.
freely admit to no understanding of it, but still believe.

which that in itself has me thinking this morning....ahhhh but that's
another blog...

she gave us the update. he's out now and on meds.

i thought of how that whole deal had to knock some perspective
into everyone involved.

things like that do that.

it's one heck of a good thing to have.
and so darn easy to lose.

i don't particularly want medical emergencies being the bringer of perspective
for me. and i can get pretty lazy and let that happen.

i thought of my own dad.
how i had really hoped time would kinda iron things out between us.

didn't work that way.

and yet, if he had lived, would we be close today?
i don't think so.
sadly, i really don't think so.

so maybe i have to be careful with the word 'perspective.'
it's not fantasy, it's not what you'd really like to be but isn't...
it's not just cause you want it so much you can recreate reality...
it's not 'i value this, so it must go this way.'

it's knowing the value of things.
and maybe it's knowing the value of things even when they aren't so good.


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