Friday, October 7, 2011

tiny and small

doin' some stretches on my bedroom floor yesterday,
i glanced out the window while i was flat on my back.
i got a great view of the tree outside reaching up to the sky.
it was evening.
evening light and the tree.
it totally caught my attention.

i scooted myself right over to get a good view.
it was a spot i had never sat in before.
just a little walkway for when you got out of bed.
who knew it was the perfect seat to soak in beauty.

i got myself comfortable and then just sat and soaked.

i felt so incredibly small.

i don't think i've felt that small in a long, long time.

i think it's a good thing to feel small sometimes.
just as it's a good thing to feel larger than life sometimes.

it wasn't a bad feeling.
it felt like a reminder.

so small.
and the universe is so vast.

one tiny woman looking out her window up into one tremendous universe.

where would she go? what would she do? how long would it all last?

lost in just feeling tiny and in awe of the whole deal,
i heard the guys laughing in the kitchen.

and i smiled.

i know my moments with them are getting less and less.
and there they were, laughing.

changing my clothes, thinking how lucky i was to have the moment,
i went out to join them.

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