Friday, October 7, 2011

tryin' it all out...

so then i had a much quieter day.
which was really okay
i didn't see magic floating all around.
but didn't feel like i needed to either.
quiet was really okay.

but then something happened that bothered me.
it  got to me.
to my heart.

i sat and thought about it.
about why it got to me.
and what was goin' on.

i figured it out which helped a bit.

and then i thought about my whole 'relationship with life' deal that i've
been thinking about non-stop now for a few days.

how does this all fit in now?

and i don't really know as i'm new to this, ya know?
but i think what it does is put things in perspective.

i can take something that feels hard and icky and step back
and say 'okay, yeah, fine, but how does it affect your relationship
to life?' and i can see it doesn't.

it takes me and the things goin' on in my life and reminds me that they're
not as big as they feel, and that all this 'stuff' is just drops in a bucket.

and it reminds me to focus on me and my living my day.



guess i'll find out.

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Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

Wow... bowing down to you miss ter.