Friday, November 11, 2011

a long awaited turn

it's not just partner love.
it's not just love of others.
it's self love too.

i've been searching for ten years.

always always saying i have a long way to go,
and i don't know how to love like i want to.

between today and yesterday i've opened a door,
i've stepped inside, and i've dared to say i crossed
a threshold i've been waiting for for ten years.

i know i've only crossed the threshold.

i know that.

and i know it won't make everything all rosy and right.

i know that.

but i also know i've been searching for this turn.
and i've finally finally come to it.

it's one of thousands on a very windy and long road.

but i couldn't be more deeply grateful for it right now if i tried.

because i know i'm closer now to real love than i've ever been
in my whole life.

and it's all happening inside me.
it's not about anyone else in the world.
and yet it so is.

if it all melts in my hands tomorrow, i've had one full day
of watching it and feeling it.
and i couldn't be more grateful.

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