Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'oh wow'

when i stepped outside this morning,

i could just feel something all around me.
i walked down my driveway to the street
just quietly looking and taking it in.

'it feels like i'm in a special sound proof room
or something,' i thought.

everything just seemed to be holding this quiet gentleness.

and i couldn't get over how strongly it was hanging in
the air, and how badly i wanted to soak it in.

i had forgotten how much i love bare tree limbs.
how it's like they're reachin' out to the sky,
trying to touch god.

i had forgotten how when i see that,
it touches something deep inside of me,
and reminds me to reach too.

in my mind, i reached up, and i remembered god.
and i remembered love. and i remembered there was more.
so much more.

and without even thinking a quiet 'oh wow' escaped my lips
and i could hear it come out of me.

it was my prayer this morning.

'oh wow'

i needed to remember.

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