Tuesday, November 29, 2011

this morning....

lifting her arms up,
stretching her fingers out,
she reached for god.
clouds came and rested in her palms,
and she remembered gentleness.
the sun came and lit up the sky.
and she remembered love.
closing her eyes,
holding it all,
she remembered god.


Anonymous said...

Love this! If I'd written it I would've added another line to "and she remembered G*d" who was there all along.

Thx for this one and all the bone sighs.


Merry ME said...

WHen I read this for the 3rd time, I changed "remembered" to "Knew". As in the memory led her to the deep-seating knowing that never left her.

...and she KNEW God.

That's what those quiet, unexpected moments do for me. OPen me to the knowing.

terri said...

i'm beginning to see why people like bone sighs! they're adaptable!! thanks you guys! :)