Wednesday, December 21, 2011


shhhhhhh....don't tell.....
i ran outside to meet the guys this morning.
i couldn't stand it.
just couldn't stand it.

it felt SO good to be back out there.

i needed it.
i don't think i can stay away, but i'll figure that out later.
one day at a time.

this morning, i just didn't want to stop myself.
and it was the perfect way to start my day.

i was aware of what i was doing, chose it with relish
and said that's what i want to do today.....choose with relish.

i've been workin' on this intention stuff all month.
and i gotta say i'm totally surprised at how well it's working.

it's cool cause it's not some kinda 'rosy fix' for life. it doesn't
make everything all better. there's been some lousy stuff mixed
in and that doesn't go away.

i'm just conscious of what i'm doing with my thoughts.
for me, it's been working well.
and yesterday something happened and the whole day got
taken to a new level for me. and i'm pretty sure it's because
of the working on the awareness stuff.

so, talk about egging me on.
i'm gonna keep on workin' on this!

last nite i sat down and wrote about my day. and i called
it 'my day.'

josh walked in and said hello and asked me how my day was.
i lit right up. 'you wanna hear???' i giggled with happiness and
he pointed out that my feet were wiggling with delight!
i grabbed this and read it to him -

my day

whispering her intention to the sky
and placing it in her heart,
she stepped towards it.
soon she found it had surrounded her.
watching it from the inside out,
she became part of it.
understanding this was the sacred, 
she wanted to be part of it forever.
knowing that she was already,
she prayed she'd remember and
that'd she'd dance with it often. 

i wonder how much of this i will really be aware of?
how much of this will i really dance with?
how much of this will i embrace?

intentions. intentions. intentions.
i have many today!

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