Wednesday, December 14, 2011

settin' the bucket over there.....

i did say festive, did i not?

i took my bucket of tears and put them over there.
altho....i still leak here and there.

like when i get a beautiful note from a friend and she
says 'i'm sorry you couldn't take your walk this morning.'

i leaked.

but! mostly, i took the bucket full of tears, and put it over there.
perhaps i'll find something to water with them.

i decided i needed to aim for the laughter.
and i know how to get my energy up.
it's a basic thing i can do -

run around like a nut.

so i did.

i literally ran around my house from room to room trying to
wrap some xmas surprises before the guys came down and found me.
the faster i moved, the clumsier i got - and i was pretty clumsy to start with -
and the funnier it got.

it's another piece of glory from the pea brain thing.
i can amuse myself.

even when i broke an ornament trying to get the gift near the tree,
i laughed. ..... well i never liked that ornament all that much anyway....

the guys came down when i had finished.

and i was laughing again with them.
felt good.

i did say i wanted festive this season.....
so by golly, i'm gonna keep on headin' there.....

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