Saturday, December 17, 2011

so GOOD!

okay, it had felt like a year since i'd seen him, and he IS the man i'm in love with.
but none of that's the point here.

i said out loud a couple times, and thought silently a few more -
'it is so GOOD to see you.'

and when i said it, i truly truly was filled with that feeling.

i've been thinking of that feeling and the times i've felt that with different

when my sons came home from being out of town for a week, i just sat
at the table and looked at them. and kept thinking how good it was to see

when i'm havin' that rough moment, and i meet my girlfriend for coffee -
i know i've done the big hugs at the end and whispered how good it was
to see her.

that rare and unusual relative that i deeply love comes thru. same deal.

i've actually noticed the feeling when i'm blurting it out to whoever i'm
directing it at. i notice it and know it's gold.

(i'm not sure why i notice these things....but i'm so glad i do)

here's what i was thinking this morning tho...
why don't i zoom in on that a bit more??

i spose it's just another round about way to approach gratitude and
appreciation of the moment. and well, i'm all for any and all of those
approaches i can get. and this seems like one i want to play with.

what if i keep reminding myself thru the rest of the holiday season
(and i gotta say, i'm loving this holiday season cause of all these
things i'm concentrating on!!)...what if i deliberately was aware
of how good it was to see everyone? not just people who i haven't
seen in awhile or people who are there to help me out....but everyone.

and yeah.....i'm wondering.........everyone????
really gus?

and truth is, i don't know.
cause i don't know if i really can do that........
but maybe.

i know there's a lot i can do tho.
and i'm gonna start there.
and see where it goes.

so let me's the holiday of festive, laughter, magic
AND reveling in the seeing of people!

my gosh....i think i'm on a start of my own version of
the 12 days of christmas here!

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