Friday, January 13, 2012

choose it...

'choosing to believe......'

i like that phrase.

cause that's what we do, right?

we CHOOSE to believe whatever it is we're believing.
sometimes i forget that.

so if we're choosing to believe it, are we acting like it???

that's my big thought for the day. or question for the day.

that brilliant man of mine wowed me with a quote years ago
that has been hangin' on my wall since -

'once you've made your choice,
it becomes a matter of trust.'

i thought that was brilliant.

i look at that almost every single day.
and it always always seems to catch my eye when i've stepped out of trust

and am in the muck and mire of doubt.

i don't know if it relates to the first thought in anyone else's head or not....
but to me, it does.

once you choose your belief, go with it. believe it.
trust it. and act like it, darn it.

it seems like such an easy concept.

i wonder why i lose it all the time?

doubt creeps in.
i truly think doubt is one of our most serious downfalls.

or one of mine, anyway.
so i've been thinking about all this when the quote of the day comes in -

dance with me,
grieve with me,
laugh with me,
sit quietly with me.
i am your life.
live me.

i can add more...

choose me.

believe in me.
trust me.
and for pete's sakes, live like it.

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