Saturday, January 14, 2012

clapping for all of us..

i had the absolute delight to be taken to the kennedy center last nite!
a friend bought tickets for her, me and another friend to go to see billy elliot
for a christmas gift!

ohmygosh, talk about the present you'll have for a lifetime!

the entire thing was a tickle. from the moment we heard we were going!

i cried, i laughed so hard i doubled over, i clapped with all i had, and
i joined in with the whole audience for the standing ovation.

the part that totally gave me goosebumps is when billy takes his power back.
he's from a mining town, wants to be a ballet dancer (yeah!) and of course
that goes over like a ton of bricks.

there's this part when he goes screaming up to his bedroom and then the
stage goes dark then the music comes on really loud and the lights go to
red and zingy and the music is blaring thru you and billy starts running
and dancing for all he's worth, ya know??

he was taking his power back. and i swear, i got goosebumps and was
totally aware of every woman in my life that's ever come thru that has
taken her power back, of every guy i've seen do that, and of myself.
i was completely captivated.

and then....bam....there was a glitch in something and they dropped the curtain!!

no kidding!
we were actually worried the guy playin' billy got hurt.
but he came back full force, so maybe it was something with the set.
i have no idea.
but bam! right in the middle of that.

it definitely took the zing away from that number......BUT! it was STILL
my favorite part of the whole show.

it's when he got pushed and pushed and told he couldn't do it and had his
dream taken away from him - that's when he burst and found his power.

i wanted to put that out here a reminder......
sometimes that's what it takes.....
but when we find gosh......the red bolts of thunder come
crashing thru........

and then.....everything doesn't change overnite.
it takes awhile.
years even.
years and years even.

but that's okay.
cause the changes are happening.

that's what i took out of that moment in the show.......
and i feel such gratitude for my own red bolty zingy crashing
time in my life........

it sucked to go thru, and yet, it's one of the best things that
ever happened to me. when i stood there clapping at the end,
i think i was clapping for everyone one of  us who has taken
our power back and everyone of us who will be doing that


Susie Keeth said...

Good for Billy!!!!! Bummer about the curtain.....but good for Billy!
And every single other of us who has the courage to find that power and run with it! I'm going to be calling deep on my own courage today and hoping to find something like your red bolts of thunder. You'll be there with me though, you and your thunder.... so I say bring it! Going to claim my power back!

terri said...

thinking of you, sus!