Thursday, January 12, 2012

a marvel....

i do believe i'm gonna end up sounding like a
born again intention believer! i just want to shout this to the rooftops!

started with this stuff in november and still rolling...
and i know i bring it up over and over again.
but it's just a darn marvel to me.

a darn marvel!

yesterday i set my daily intention to be to move thru my day with happiness.
then i made a point of  asking my inner child part to be with me.

this was all after part of the day had already happened.
and before i could even set the intentions -
someone covered me with their ick.
they're having a really hard time, weren't feeling well,
and well.....just kinda covered me with ick.
i could feel it.

i walked into my house and just kinda tried to fling it off of me.
was still kinda stuck on my skin when i sat down to set
my intentions.

and i sure didn't want to feel the ick.
i wanted to move thru the day with happiness.

and i found some stuff to laugh about.

i swear, they are NOT kidding about laughter being the best medicine.
ya know, i think we've heard that too much and just think that
means laughing is good.

i'm starting to wonder if laughter might just be the darn healer of healers.

so i'm goin' along laughing and someone really rude comes thru.
really rude.

there was a time this kinda thing woulda gotten to me.
not this time.

little terri stepped in and started jokin' with zakk. i knew she
was there when she used the word 'meanie.'
and i started laughing.
zakk jumped on board in his zakk style and really got me rollin'.

i found myself working at my desk all alone laughing out loud.
and once again, laughter changed everything and kept me going.

all day i thought of the intention. i thought of little terri.
i wanted to make my valentine i send to friends. inviting her to
come join me, we made the valentine together.

i'm kinda stunned how i'm directing my day and my mood.
and how i can keep an awareness goin'.
i'll completely forget what my daily intention is.
i'll completely forget it. but i have it written right on my desk here.
so i keep looking.
oh yeah.
oh yeah.
let me do that.
and then i do it.

it's just a constant start/stop/start thing.
i figure i'll get smoother.
but truly, as unsmooth as it is, it's doin' wonders.
can't even imagine what it'd be like to be really smooth about it.

i haven't set my intentions today yet.
gonna take a walk and think about it.
but i tell ya, it's like a darn game.
you can actually take your days and make them into a darn game.
what a fun idea!

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