Wednesday, January 11, 2012

merry go rounds and paths...

the listening idea from yesterday (see post below)
hasn't left me. i keep thinking about it, watching it.

and this morning, this bone sigh popped into my head -

maybe when you really love yourself you can see beyond that self - 
and then maybe you never give yourself away. maybe you just give.

and i put it together with my listening thought.
and i was getting all inspired to be present.
when the quote of the day came thru -

'it wasn't her deal,
it was theirs, she thought.
only this time, those weren't just words
to help her detach.
she WAS detached.
it was truth.
and she danced with delight
in her freedom.'

the YEARS it took me to get to the place in that bone sigh
were filled with a lotta hard work. to know what's yours and
what's not is a big big thing. and the freedom that can come with
that is tremendous.

and it seems to me that listening, being present and giving ALL
require me to be clear on what's mine and what's not.

actually, i think truly living requires that of me. (us).....

i just walked upstairs to go get my jacket, and i heard music down
the hall - the guy was singing 'merry go round and around. merry go
round and around.' and it was repeating.

and i smiled.

that seems like what life is when you can't figure out what's yours
and what's theirs. it all goes round and round and round in a big
circle. but when you can make that distinction, and then do all the
other stuff - really love yourself....give without giving yourself away...
truly listen and be seems like maybe we get off the
merry go round and get onto a really cool path.

thing is, it doesn't seem to be a solid thing that stays there.
not for me, anyway.
i can be on the path for moments and then back on the merry go round.
back and forth i go.

but i think, i truly do think that it's something we can get on and
stay on. 

i'd like to.

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