Tuesday, January 10, 2012

quiet down, ter.....and explore........

we were talking about the depths of things inside us.
i've got some stuff deep inside me that affects things i do.
i know this, and yet, i probably really have no clue as to how much so.
but i do know this.

and i know it's not just me.
and some people have really big things that color so much of what's
goin' on in their lives. sometimes seriously crippling the lives they lead.

i think i've never really gotten past the point of understanding that much.
i don't think i've ever tried to go any further with that. maybe because
my hands are full enough trying to figure out what to do with my own
deep stuff. i certainly am not qualified to help anyone else figure out
their deep stuff.

but what about that deep stuff? what are we sposed to do with it?

there's a thought whirling around inside me this morning.
it started with the idea of listening. truly listening.
that's a topic and about twenty blogs all in itself. i was gonna
snag a great quote on listening, but there's so many i just didn't know
where to start....all of them ringing with how listening is something
golden that can change the world.

i thought about the deep stuff that can be so far deep inside of us
we don't know what's goin' on. and i thought about listening. and
i thought about the sacredness of listening.

what if an in-depth understanding of what's driving another person
isn't necessary to sit and talk about that very thing? what if in-depth
listening is? and what IS 'in-depth' listening?

i remember i used to have conversations where i 'left.' i could feel
it happen. i wasn't there anymore. i was so completely present that
it was like there wasn't a terri. there was something beyond. and
i'd hear myself talk and hear the words and think they were cool thoughts
 and they'd be new to me.....they were just kinda out there in
the world and by being so completely present, they came thru me.

i remember understanding that i was completely present and when i
was done, i had felt like i 'touched the source.'

i haven't done that in years.
i think my listening skills have gone way downhill.
and i have a hunch that in truly listening to another, you open the
doors to healing.

maybe we don't have to understand how it all works.
maybe we don't have to be trained in psychology to truly help each other.
maybe when we enter that space that's opened by truly listening with
no agenda at all but seeing the other...maybe then we enter another place.
and maybe that other place has healing just waiting for us.

i have no idea.
just the hunch that there's a sacred world right in front of me that i'm missing
by the noise inside my own head. and i think i'm ready to quiet down for a bit
and explore.

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