Thursday, January 5, 2012

squeezin' your hand....

i've got hands on my mind.

the beauty and awesomeness of hands.

remember how when you were a teenager,
you saw flaws in every part of your body?
or at least i did.
some hangups i've dropped along the way -
like i'm okay with my elbows and wrists now.
i'm so laughing as i type that!
i actually didn't like my elbows and wrists at some point!
and yeah, i still have a lotta body hang ups i need to work on.

but something i've always liked, never had a problem with -
have been my hands.

i noticed yesterday the power of my hands in the visual i had
standing there with little terri....the hands were a big part of it.
i went back to that a lot thru the day.
i thought about all the big stuff in my life - the good and the bad -
and i saw my hands in the memories. they always play a part.

i'm a toucher.
i like to reach out and touch people.
i'm the one who touches your arm as i talk to you.
the one who puts her hands on your shoulders as she walks
behind your chair as you sit there.
the one who reaches over and pats your leg.

thru all the cyber connections i can't touch people.
so i visualize reaching my hands out and touching theirs.
holding hands.

i thought of my writing......
i have a piece called finger tip -

finger tip to finger tip, i long to reach out to you. to put the palm of my hand against your skin, i close my eyes and imagine you’re here –
and i wait for your return.

there's a part in the piece called 'i want,' that means a ton to me......

i want to fill with compassion and touch someone's face so gently that they can feel the caring in my fingertips.

hands....they reach out in joy, pain, sorrow, caring, happiness....
they open wide, they clench, they grasp, they massage, they caress,
they slap, punch and pummel, they tease, they soothe, they hold,
they scrub, they write, they carry my engagement ring, they paint,
they dig, they work, they play and they touch love.

somtimes, when i'm very lucky, i can feel love buzzing  right in the palm
of my hand. i really really can.

i'm in love with my hands today. i'm like a baby who found her feet.
well, i found my hands! i want to hold your hand, and hers, and his,
and theirs. i want to squeeze it and grin at you and let you know i care.
i want to slap your leg with laughter, and rub your arm with love.....

i want to touch the world today.
fingertip to fingertip.....


Anonymous said...

This post is so beautiful! I laughed right along with you about not liking your elbows and wrists once upon a time. I remember thinking that the only thing I liked about myself was my fingernails on the 4th & 5th fingers of my left hand. That's it!

And the visual of a baby finding her feet for the first time? Made me remember Rachel who discovered her hands during her baptism. She held them together while we were standing in the sanctuary during the Mass, just kept looking at them and being fascinated with them. Everybody said she looked like she was praying! Ah, the memories. That baby is 24 now. Jeesh!
Well, I guess your post didn't leave me speechless after all. Smiles sheepishly...

terri said...

oh you so made me smile, denise! and laugh! only the 4th and 5th fingernails??? ohmygosh, those were the days, huh? and i can just see little baby rachel finding her feet....thanks for the smile....