Tuesday, February 28, 2012

back to back

okay, this is kinda cool for me to watch.

i'm always talkin' to people about their journeys, ya know?
it's pretty much what i like to talk about.

and because of that, i get to watch a whole buncha different approaches
to dealing with life stuff and the stuff that holds us back.

oh man, well the coolest stuff has shown up back to back.
and interestingly enough, both stories are with males.

the first guy keeps tellin' me he wants to face things and figure them out.
yet he's doin' everything he can to avoid it.
he's sharing his journey, asking for input, so i get to watch it close up.

i keep mentioning the detours, and he keeps nodding, agreeing, and then
veering off in yet another direction.

i keep saying to him to do whatever he wants, just be honest about what
it is you're doing.

cause i think that part is soooooo important. the just admitting what's really going on.
the being honest.

well, he's just not there yet.
he's so not there.

i get a lot out of watching that. it's not like i never veered off track and didn't
want to face things. so this shows me a lot and reminds me of what i really want.
and it shows me how being dishonest with ourselves really isn't any easier!

the next guy stepped up and said he wasn't okay about what he had to do,
but was doin' it anyway. and commented on how hard it was, but he was okay
with it. he'd do what he saw as right and healthy. even if it was really hard.

and what's cool there is even if he doesn't follow thru on his plans, he's totally
looking at what he's doing and why.

it's not like we're totally gonna get it right just cause we're trying. but i can
see how much the trying and facing it honestly is gonna make a difference
for him. and how tryin' to head to the healthy is such a good goal.

it just happened that these things landed back to back for me.
and i watched and thought 'wow, would you look at that.'
it was like diagrams for me - this is what happens when you won't look at it,
this is what happens when you do.

and then.....you know what? it's not like the outcomes are all rosy and
beautiful. it's all hard stuff. no matter which approach you take. it's all hard stuff.
and it's not gonna guarantee pretty outcomes.

cause that's the way life works!

so right there it's great for me to watch.
it's not about the outcome!

oh man.....here we go again - it's not the destination, it's the journey.

it so so is.

and how is it you want to journey with yourself?
and who do you want to be as you travel?

i'm watchin' and thinking and mulling and turning it all onto my own road.

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