Monday, February 27, 2012


the guy's a ball of passion.
i hadn't talked to him in a long time and i'd forgotten.
but there we were, talkin', and my insides were smilin' away.
and all i remembered of his gusto came rushing back to me.
i love passionate people.
i like their intensity.

we only talked a few minutes, and i still walked away inspired.

i thought of him as i walked this morning.

he's my age and doin' physical labor all day.
i asked him how the heck his body was holdin' up.
he told me he's never felt better.
i loved hearing that.
and then he made me laugh by mentioning he DID feel it all
in the mornings. but he walked the kinks out every morning
and did great  after that.

i loved that too. it just made it real to me.

he's always been in great shape ever since i've known him.
he works hard. real hard. i know that keeps him goin'.
but there's that other stuff too.
his passion.
his attitude.
he really really cares about what he does.

i thought of how that's gonna give him so much.

but you know, he hasn't had an easy road either.
i know he's struggled with some of his dreams and where they'd take him
and what he should do. i imagine he sat in a few pits of despair more than
once in the last ten years. and he's passionate. so those pits were probably
pretty deep.

but to love what you do, and to keep goin' no matter what. to change
direction enough and do what you have to, but to always keep moving forward...
well that's what it seems like he's done. and he just exudes that. it spills
out of him.

and just thinking about that all inspired me.

both ways. physical and mental.

they are so intertwined.
so i'm back on track this morning.
think i had been veering off a bit.
but just talkin' to him helped me a ton.

i want to fill my days with living from the center of my passion.
i want to work with my body and know that it's something to take
care of and fuel properly. i want to pay attention to where i put
my energy, and grow the good stuff.

i don't think i'll ever exude my passion quite the same way as this guy.
but i want to exude it in my own way.
i want a quiet, burning intensity that comes from that fire inside that
cares so much about what i do.

what a cool goal.....
stepping back into it all today.
and feelin' good.


Susie Keeth said...

Oh Ter.... If you could only see that passionate fire of yours from where I stand.... if that much intensity shines through from clear over here I can't imagine what it's gonna look like as you grow it and exude it even more. It's fortunate for all of us that you care so deeply about what you do...... I know that sooooo many people care deeply and appreciate you probably more than you can see from where you are. It's an amazing light that shine from what you do and that light has helped so many to see more clearly as they walk their paths. Shine On you crazy diamond!!

Susie Keeth said...

Oh Ter.... I know you can't see it quite like I do, because you don't stand here where I stand.... but you should know that I can sense that quiet burning intensity from the fire that comes from your heart and your writing from clear over here on the other side of the continent. That light that glows from your work..... it looks pretty bright from here and I Know that it has brightened the paths of so many people as they walk their paths through life. That light can only shine so intensely because of your energy and caring in your works. What's it gonna be like if you grow it even brighter? I'm gonna have to get darker sunglasses.

terri said...

susie! i got BOTH of these comments! lol! i know you musta wrote one and then it didn't go thru and you did the next, but who could resist loving them both! you sweetie pie~! i like the 'crazy diamond' part!! thank you, ms. susie....get your sunglasses, baby, cause i got some burnin' to do! thanks for always loving me.....